Instead of simply

Telling me goodbye 

You left me a note

Who drowned me 

In a sea of inexplicable words 

Numbing all my senses

And leaving me stunned 

As if struck by a soundless lightning 

Ja Fa

You drained my heart empty
Of all emotions
Lit a raw fire
That consumed every little bit
Of me
From the inside
And still
It wasn’t enough
You wanted more
More than i was ready to give
In fact more than i could give
Your greed knew no end
It just wouldn’t be satisfied

I just wonder
Had you stayed
If i had just given you
An arm or both of them
A leg or both of them

Probably not
It probably wouldn’t have been enough
Had i even gave you my whole body
My whole self
It wouldn’t have been enough
To satisfy that wicked thirst of yours

Ja Fa

The arid desert
Was the only desolate place on earth,
Where i enjoyed spending time
The sensation of life fading away
Under the brazing sun,  
Makes me everytime
Want to burn down
My schackles and ignite my soul
Ja Fa

Some years ago 
The fear of letting you go
Made me give up on my ego
As if i was made out of lego

But my pride  
Couldn’t just let it slide
And would not go for that ride

So after a while 
The ego i chase out 
Of my heart 
Simply grew back 
Stronger than before
And the next morning 
You were gone 
Ja Fa

Your delicious mind 
Lit a raw fire
In my wild heart
Burning it to ashes
Ja Fa

Even the most slothful mind 

Has wished one day 

To become the king of the world 
Ja Fa

My life greatest memory
Has been the unquenchable envy
To follow you forever
Right after i saw your smile
For the first time

Ja Fa

Let’s make a deal

This time for real

Before the page turn

On our beautiful story
Let’s the sun

Be our sole witness

And promise to each other

To stay true to ourselves

Always and forever 
So that one day 

We don’t wake up 

To realize how far

From each other

We have drifted away
Ja Fa

Turn to dust
All the trust
And only adjust
Against the lust

Ja Fa

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