I don’t feel anything

Beside this strange feeling

Running through my heart

Like a racing car on a racing track

Going at full throttle

Or like a sea of fire

In the middle of august

Taking on a forest of oak trees

Tired of seeing the world around them

Changing for the worse

Or like a wanderer

Telling all the different landscapes

He encountered during his travel

The beautiful, the ugly, the strange


Yet all I know is that

My heart is way too young

To be able to withstand so many highs and lows

My soul is way too inexperienced

To be able to cope with such an intense heat pressure

And my mind is still way too green

To be able to understand the other colors in the world


My heart understands

But still need time

To be able to keep such a complicate feeling

Within itself

All I can do now

Is having a little taste at it

Not too much

Not too less

Just enough to get use at it

Bit by bit


Ja Fa