Wandering the streets

Nobody notices you

You think you’re invisible

You think you’re unreachable

But I see you

I see your loneliness

I see your sadness

I see your melancholy

I see you

What are you looking for?

Who you looking for?

Could it be, this young man

Tall blond with green eyes

Or the young lady

Of average size with abundant curves

No neither of them sees you

But I see you


Who is this then?

What is it then?

Could it be

The sound of bells announcing the midday

Piercing, repetitive, harmonious

Or the sudden breeze of wind

Soft, light and intoxicating


It was not that either

Suddenly you stopped in a park

You sat on a bench

Right in front of that big tree

And I realized

It was not a person

You were looking for

It was not the sound or even the breeze

You were waiting for

It was this tree

Imposing, majestic, charismatic

Positioned in the middle of the park

As to impose its presence to the visitor

I understood that it was in fact not so much the tree

But mostly what he represented

Strength and charisma

After ten minutes

You smiled

You stood up

And you left

And I did not see you again.



Ja Fa