am i not a fool
a fool for just keeping looking at the sun
even though there are thousands of shining flower around me
even though there is a chance that I’ll never be able to reach that sun
even though i may get burned while trying to catch it
but knowing all of that i just can’t stop myself looking at that sun
that very sun that have enlighten my life
that very sun that is keeping me from taking a look at all  the shining flower around me
that very sun who is keeping me out of the darkness
wouldn’t i be able to take that risk
the risk of losing my light
the risk of getting back to the point of looking at the shining flower
the risk of losing one of the brightest sun I have ever seen in my life
but wouldn’t I be a fool if I don’t try to keep that sun of mine just for me
some of you may think that I’m an egoist just by thinking that way
yeah they’re right I’m an egoist, and a fool

Ja Fa