Today is a sad day

Today I lose a friend I couldn’t allow myself to lose
Today I lose the woman I was supposed to marry
Today I wish I were more straightforward
Today I wish I had more courage
The courage to stand to the feelings I had for her
The courage to have told her “no I want to give it a try because I love you”
The courage to have taken the risk
The courage to have listened to my heart
Today I wish I had have enough courage to call myself a MAN
So this is a letter to the sky
You who read it now don’t make the same mistake as I did
Because life won’t give you that many chances
If you find the one you love
Never let her (him) go
Have the courage I wish I had have today
Stand up to your feelings even if at the end you’ll be the one who’ll get hurt
Trust me at the end of the day one thing is sure
You won’t despise yourself to not have had the courage you needed to
You won’t regret not to have tell her (him) what you feel
You won’t regret to have act like a normal human being.
This is my letter to the sky
The letter of one of those who have to give up a part of their humanity to reach their goal
The letter of one of those who aspire to be more than a man
The letter of someone who’ll never forget this day
The letter of a sad man

Ja Fa